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 Best caterers in north kolkata

GoldenSpoon Caterer's established in kolkata in the year 2004 has been providing catering services for more than ten years in North Kolkata and areas surrounding ; We provide wide variety of menus at price ranges meeting the customer's requirement, preferences and budget. We top the ranks by combining great food and thorough professionalism.

    We stands out among the best not only because of the excellent taste which lingers in the mouth, but also for its excellent service and quality standards. To ensure that the client receives the best service, special training is provided to the stewards. Our staffs and stewards are well mannered and with well equipped dresses as well as theme dresses. Whether it is a table-served party or a buffet, the guests are always served to the perfection.

     We believe that even the best food turns tasteless in the mouth, if it is not complemented by equally good service. Our team members are specialized on 
Bar-b-que & Live counters  

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Starter Pack  @ Rs @ 250*
Delight Pack @ Rs 300*
Jumbo Pack  @ Rs 380*

We Specialize in :

    Indian * Chinese * Continental * Tandoor 
   * Bengali cuisine

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